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ShnierTV gives you a front row seat into the world of flooring from a "Shnier point of view." Whether its product knowledge, corporate information, testimonials or interviews, we hope that www.shnier.tv will become your primary destination for all things flooring.

We get it, the world is moving fast and time is of the essence, that's why ShnierTV wants to be your information source. We live in an age where most people prefer to watch the movie over reading the book, that's exactly how ShnierTV came into fruition. Watching five minutes of video from a flooring product expert will not only save your valuable time, but also help educate the consumer into making their flooring purchase.

ShnierTV, simply put, is an "On-Demand" educational website that provides you with video entertainment, knowledge and training. Bookmark www.shnier.tv today and let's learn together!